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Meg Good times in Milwaukee through fog, mist, filtered sun/smog (they say it was from the western wildfires)...Thanks to Meg for providing plenty of patience and levity. Bonus question: Who is Meg's celebrity doppelganger?



(Becoming Gold Photography) Milwaukee senior photography senior portraits seniors Fri, 18 Sep 2015 06:50:14 GMT
Allie With lakeside fog becoming thicker by the minute (which actually made for some gorgeous backgrounds), we headed for semi-shelter under bridges and overhangs. So glad we kept on through the everlasting mist for these great shots of Allie!

(Becoming Gold Photography) Milwaukee senior photography senior portraits seniors Wed, 16 Sep 2015 06:47:00 GMT
Kelsey My head is spinning from the grand task of narrowing down the choices. Such an amazingly photogenic and expressive gal to work with - thank you Kelsey (& Mom!) for such a fun evening by the lake & downtown.

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Shirkey fam This gang really pulled it together! Thanks to the vision from Carrie, tolerance from Matt, cooperation from the kids, and a little bit of "Alf" thrown in, we managed to pull this off on a crazy hot & insanely humid evening during family vacation. Don't worry Shirkeys, you get a break next aunt with a camera til 2017. But seriously, are these kids great or what? 


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Olivia 2 years


My niece Olivia then (at 1 yr) & now (2 yrs) - a bustling bundle of determination and spunk (as you can see if you click on the color photo for more shots). See you in a few weeks, O! - xo Aunt R


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